PDF Transformer

PDF Transformer 2.0

View PDF files and scans, convert, edit and comment them
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Open any PDF document with the help of the integrated Adobe PDF Library. View and work with multiple pages simultaneously. Add, remove, change or rotate pages, edit text and pictures of your document. Create PDF files from various documents like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc., password-protect them, etc.

ABBYY PDF Transformer is a powerful but easy-to-use PDF conversion utility that transforms any types of PDF files into editable formats without retyping and reformatting.
* Process PDF files from any source, including scanned PDFs and PDFs generated from within computer applications
* Open PDF files directly in Word and Excel for immediate editing
* Export to Microsoft Word, Excel, HTML, and TXT formats.
* All formatting elements (tables, columns, lists, and graphics) are replicated and can be edited
* Process an entire PDF file or selected pages
* Supports password-protected PDFs
* Runs either as a plug-in from your favorite Microsoft Office applications or as a stand-alone wizard which guides you through the entire conversion process.

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